Antler comes from the Old French word Antoillier; ant-, meaning before, oeil, meaning eye and -ier, a suffix indicating an action or state of being. Essentially from the Latin "before the eye." In this series, the forms of my sculptures are influenced from the shapes of the natural tools that animals use. Such tools are horns and antlers, which have inspired me because of their structure and purpose for the creature. Being of mixed European and Asian descent I am also drawn to the unique symbolic components of design from different cultures. I use the designs as a two-dimensional element on the sculpture to accentuate the curves of the form. Sometimes I will let the original designs of the materials, such as the veining of marble, be the two-dimensional aspect. The contrast between different materials and how they compliment one another fascinate me as well. I deliberately avoid using animal products in my sculptures to highlight that there are alternative materials to use to create these elegant forms. Through an exploration of different media, ranging from cast metal to wood, I blend naturalistic imagery with the flat element to create a unique sculpture.